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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Orly Here Comes Trouble - Orly Summer 2011 Pin-up Collection

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Orly Here Comes Trouble

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Orly Here Comes Trouble

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Orly Here Comes Trouble

Here Comes Trouble is from the Orly Summer 2011 Pin-up Collection. It's a bright, very slightly yellow-based green glitter. The base is a sheer yellow-green and is PACKED with regular and hex-shaped bright green glitter.

The above pictures show three coats of Here Comes Trouble. The coverage was quite good with two coats but there were a few bald spots and patchy areas that needed to be evened out. For full opacity, I needed three coats. That's not bad at all for a full out glitter! And the color is soooo vibrant! Green lovers will enjoy this color! I'm a huge fan of green (my fave color!) and I find it decidedly delicious! :) Texture is quite thick but not unwieldy. It did take a while to dry and needed drying time between coats to avoid brush drag. It has a fairly bumpy texture from the massive amount of glitter so prepare to use an extra coat of top coat for a smooth, lustrous finish.

Despite the longer dry time and bumpy texture, the combination of regular and hex-shaped glitter packed so tightly in this polish along with the gorgeous color make it a definite no-brainer for me! Bubbly Bombshell, also in the Pin-up Collection, is the same type of glitter but in a gorgeous purple! I don't have it yet (it was out of stock when I was shopping) but it's on my list!!! The other two colros in the Pin-up Collection are crèmes in shades that aren't terribly interesting to me so I don't think I'll be picking them up.

What are your thoughts on the Orly Summer 2011 Pin-up Collection? Do you plan on purchasing any or all of the colors?


jaybird said...

I love this green! I may go looking for it tomorrow. So beautiful!

Ruthie said...

I hope you're able to see it in person - it's so pretty and really different from any other green glitter polish I've ever seen! I'm still hunting for the violet/purple version (Bubbly Bombshell) cuz Sally and CVS are the only places to get Orly up here and CVS is usually WAY behind and Sally usually only gets 2-4 bottles of EACH color of new collections! ARGH!!! :(

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