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Monday, May 2, 2011

Finger Paints Get Real-ism!

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Finger Paints Get Real-ism!

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Finger Paints Get Real-ism!

I've been tempted by this polish since I first noticed it at Sally Beauty Supply recently... Tried to talk myself out of it by telling myself it wasn't "interesting" enough, didn't have enough duochrome flash, was most likely far too sheer and would take too many coats to become opaque... But it just didn't work! I kept picking it up each time I was in Sally's to find out the name of this "intriguing color"! :D So... I gave in on Saturday evening and made it my very own! *contented sigh* ;)

Very happily, I can report that all but one of the arguments I used to try to talk myself out of purchasing this polish were WRONG (I'll explain momentarily)!
  • Color: A dusty medium lilac with the slightest violet duochrome flash and super-tiny sparsely scattered shimmer particles (super-tiny yet very pretty - they really add that little "extra" something to this polish, IMO!). I have nothing else like it in my collection! YAY! :)
  • Duochrome Effect: The lovely violet duochrome flash you see in the bottle doesn't translate to the nail. It's just *barely* visible when applied. This is my only gripe, but one I can definitely live with in light of all the other positives!
  • Texture: Smooth and super easy to work with, not too thick or too thin, applies like a dream without any streakiness or patchiness, and quickly builds to full opacity after 2-3 coats.
  • Drying Time: Average or perhaps a shade faster  for a decent Big-3-Free lacquer currently on the market.
  • Finish: Dries to a high gloss. Personally, I nearly always use a fast-dry top coat (cuz I'm an klutz and tend to wreck my manis no matter how careful I try to be, otherwise!) but if you're the coordinated type you could probably get away without using one!
Finger Paints is exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply and can be purchased at Sally's physical locations or via their website HERE. If you haven't tried Finger Paints yet, I'd encourage you to give them a whirl as they have some really fun colors and are pretty affordable, too - SCORE!!! :)

* The product(s) in this post were purchased by me.


GothamPolish said...

This is def not a boring color! Finger Paints has some real winning colors for sure.

Angeles said...

Thanks for visit my blog and following! I follow you back... ;-)

ABOP (laquerlove on MUA) said...

I actually picked this one up (for the umpteenth time!) AGAIN on Sunday and put it back AGAIN. Wow, it's gorgeous!

Ruthie said...

@GothamPolish: Yep, I'm learning that for sure. :) Well, I actually first heard of Finger Paints only ~1 year ago! I know, I live under a rock, what can I say?? There is NO excuse for me! ;) I only have a few FPs - maybe... 8? Got any recs for me?

@Angeles: De nada, las gracias son todas mías, amiga! :) Creo que su blog es el primero sobre esmalte/arte de uñas en español que veo! Estaba saltando y gritando por felicidad (bueno, en mi corazón, le admito :D)! Sí, soy una grande nerd. ;) Favor de perdonarme los errores de ortografía y grammática, hace mucho tiempo que no hablo/escribo el español. Bienvenidos y muchisimas gracias por visitar y seguir! :)

@ABOP: LOL! I did exactly the same thing with this color - and this past Sunday was the day I decided to just take it home with me and be done with it! Helps that Sally has a satisfaction-guaranteed return policy (even if you just try it and don't like the color) on polish. :) But this one won't be going back anywhere - well, maybe back on my nails (actually it hasn't LEFT them yet, which is crazy right there!). :D

KrisInPhilly said...

What the?! Is this new? I need to get my butt to Sally and pick this one up. It's lovely!!

FOREVER '92 said...

This color looks very cute on your nails ^_^

Ruthie said...

@KrisInPhilly: Right?! I don't know! Was curious myself and tried searching the web a couple days ago but couldn't find anything to tell me whether or not it's new in the FP line or not. *shrugs* Just glad I caved and brought it home, I guess! :)

@FOREVER '92: Like your nick, btw (reminds me of HS, tho - I'm OLD! Ha!) - and your blog is so fun - I could get lost in all the colors and cute stuff! Thank you very much! :) I'm enjoying it a lot and have gotten more compliments on it than any polish I've worn in a long time! Oddly, only a short time ago (maybe 2 year?) I didn't wear purple/lavender nail polish at all! Thought it was bad with my skin - now I LOVE It! :D

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