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Friday, May 13, 2011

CND Effects Teal Sparkle Over Wet n Wild Night Prowl - Oooh Ahhhh!!!

CND Effects Teal Sparkle Over Wet n Wild Night Prowl - Finger Paints Be A Pal-ette & Nail Art Sticker (two jewels "set" in silver) on Index Finger

I must say that despite my horrible cuticles and dry skin, this photo does NOT do justice to the beauty of this manicure! I tried and tried to get a good photo but this was the best I could do... Hopefully you can use your imagination a bit. :) It was truly stunning and if you have the products (or similar - the must-haves are CND Effects Teal Sparkle and a very deep glass flecky-y purple), give it a try and let me know what YOU think of it!!!

Here are the products I used:
  • Wet n Wild Shine Night Prowl - 2-3 coats
  • CND Effects Teal Sparkle #568 - 2 coats
  • Finger Paints Be A Pal-ette - 3 coats (index)
  • Nail art sticker - Two "jewels" in silver "setting" (index)
  • Poshé Super-Fast Drying Topcoat - 2 coats

IRL you could see little flashes of purple coming through the Teal Sparkle CND Effects as I moved my hands, which was awesome! The Teal Sparkle over WnW Night Prowl (which, I must say, is GORGEOUS on it's own! WnW really rocks it with a LOT of their products these days and for the past couple/few years!!!) creates nearly and emerald green color with very intense shimmer and sparkle! It's really kind of magical looking! :D

Can you tell I'm kinda in lurve with Teal Sparkle?? Yeah, I'm already almost 50% through my bottle and I've only had it for 6 weeks! Hehe! :D

What are your thoughts on this mani (all opinions encouraged and respected, have no fear! :))? Have you played with any of the CND Effects? So far I have 5 of the Effects, Teal, Red, Silver, and Gold Sparkle, and Perfectly Bare Shimmer. Silver and Gold don't do much for me China Glaze Fairy Dust and Golden Enchantment are way better, for example), Red Sparkle is nice, Perfectly Bare Shimmer is very pretty and quite versatile, and Teal Shimmer is a must-have in my opinion.

* All products in this post were purchased by me or received as a gift from a personal friend or family member.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SWEET DEAL: MAYBELLINE BOGO1/2 & Express Finish Clearance @ Walgreens PLUS $1 Coupon!

Wanna snag some cheap nail polish? What's that you say?? ALWAYS??! Me, too!!! Okay, here are the details, 1-2-3!
  1. This week (5/8 - 5/14), all Maybelline cosmetics (including nail products) are BOGO 1/2 (Buy One, Get One Half Off) at Walgreens! This includes "Last Chance" (Walgreens version of "clearance") items! 
  2. Maybelline Express Finish Nail Color "Core Collection" colors (i.e. NOT Limited Edition colors) is on "Last Chance" sale (i.e. clearance) at Walgreens! It has the big orange "Last Chance" stickers and the the price is marked down to $2.29 (may vary from store to store or area of the country).
  3. There's a $1 Off tear-pad coupon (pics below) good on ANY Maybelline product located on one of Maybelline's "The Bright Side" (Maybelline's Summer 2011 LE Collection) displays - if you can find it (there are a few different "The Bright Side" displays and to my knowledge, only one of them has the tear-pad coupons on it)!

What does this all add up to? You can use the $1 off coupon WITH the current "Last Chance" sale AND BOGO 1/2 at Walgreens!

Now go out and shop! And if you don't have Sunset Prism, I highly recommend you remedy that situation! ;) It's one amazingly gorgeous duochrome!

One last thing: If you go out and get any new polish as a result of this post, would you come back and post a quick comment to say so? It's just really fun to know if anyone saw this and saved some money (or spent some! ;)) cuz of it! :)

Here's a list of Maybelline Express Finish Nail Color "Core Collection" (Non-LE) colors for your reference (taken from Maybelline's website):

Berry Boucle 250
Blushing Bride 40
Cocoa Motion 280
Crimson 170
Denim Blast 898
Go Go Green 900
Grape Times 896
Iced Mauve 220
Mocha Blast 290
Mod Mauve 70
Onyx Rush 895
Pink Shock 90
Plum Intense 210
Racey Red 160
Racing Rubies 190
Snow Bunny 12
Sunset Prism 330
Timeless Pink 85
Timely Turquoise 899

Friday, May 6, 2011

The 80s Called... More China Glaze Crackle Glaze!

China Glaze Crackle Glaze Broken Hearted and Crushed Candy, LA Colors Art Deco Blue Glitter, Finger Paints Get Real-ism!

 China Glaze Crackle Glaze Broken Hearted and Crushed Candy, LA Colors Art Deco Blue Glitter, Finger Paints Get Real-ism!

Uh, yeah... I wasn't going for *quite* this look when I created this mani, but thought I'd still share it with you for kicks! :D Not exactly sure where I went wrong but I *think* it was when I added the stripe of blue glitter down the middle of each nail! Lesson... probably not learned! ;)

Anyway, I found while I was wearing this that I kept having to resist the urge to don my 1982 pair of pink and white striped leg warmers (totally true), safety pin the hems of my already-tapered-leg jeans for that über-skinny-leg look (*gag*), throw my hair into a side pony, and grab a friend and head over to the roller rink! Hahahahaha!!! :D And THEN... the 80s called! They said they wanted their mani back! *GASP* ;-D

Although you can't tell because I added that nasty (not in general, just didn't work for this mani) blue glitter down stripe down the middle of each nail, I used scotch tape to create a nice, clean division of each nail vertically so I could easily apply the crackle without it becoming a wavering freehand mess. Once I did the first half I just removed the tape and was able to easily free-hand the other side! It was a breeze! More about scotch tape manis -below!!! Keep reading, please. :)

 China Glaze Crushed Candy Crackle Glaze, Finger Paints Get Real-ism!

China Glaze Crushed Candy Crackle Glaze, Finger Paints Get Real-ism!

This is a simple look but I enjoyed it. Again, I used scotch tape to get a nice, crisp diagonal line when painting Crushed Candy over Get Real-ism!

The top picture of this mani (with flash) actually captures some of the duochrome flash in Get Real-ism - SCORE! The bottom pic isn't very good but it shows the colors in more natural lighting. Just for reference.

Regarding scotch tape manis: I've *just* began playing with them and they are so much fun! All credit/blame ;) for my scotch tape mani experimentation/obsession goes to the AMAZING Jane at Nailside. She is a GENIUS at creating stunning nail art using only scotch tape! On her blog, you'll also find that she's created some sweet tutorials to guide you through different versions of her scotch tape manis step-by-step! I had never tried using scotch tape before stumbling on Jane's blog recently but now I'm hooked! If you haven't visited Nailside, I encourage you to check it out, I think you'll really enjoy!

Oh! Almost forgot - why isn't my China Glaze Crushed Candy in it's original bottle, you ask? A messy story...

I was shaking it before my mani as normal (rolling crackles to get them thoroughly mixed would take me forever and I don't experience bubbling from shaking - I don't get bubbling from shaking ANY polish, that is, not just crackles - bubbling issues signal something else for me, e.g. excessively thick coats, base coat doesn't play well with color, and so on), when the handle suddenly broke off in my hand!

Some spilled but I saved the majority by dumping it into an empty, clean Sally Hansen Nail Prisms bottle I had nearby! YAY! So... maybe shaking and me are not compatible regardless of bubbles?! :-S

* The product(s) in this post were purchased by me.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Finger Paints Get Real-ism!

Click to view larger
Finger Paints Get Real-ism!

Click to view larger
Finger Paints Get Real-ism!

I've been tempted by this polish since I first noticed it at Sally Beauty Supply recently... Tried to talk myself out of it by telling myself it wasn't "interesting" enough, didn't have enough duochrome flash, was most likely far too sheer and would take too many coats to become opaque... But it just didn't work! I kept picking it up each time I was in Sally's to find out the name of this "intriguing color"! :D So... I gave in on Saturday evening and made it my very own! *contented sigh* ;)

Very happily, I can report that all but one of the arguments I used to try to talk myself out of purchasing this polish were WRONG (I'll explain momentarily)!
  • Color: A dusty medium lilac with the slightest violet duochrome flash and super-tiny sparsely scattered shimmer particles (super-tiny yet very pretty - they really add that little "extra" something to this polish, IMO!). I have nothing else like it in my collection! YAY! :)
  • Duochrome Effect: The lovely violet duochrome flash you see in the bottle doesn't translate to the nail. It's just *barely* visible when applied. This is my only gripe, but one I can definitely live with in light of all the other positives!
  • Texture: Smooth and super easy to work with, not too thick or too thin, applies like a dream without any streakiness or patchiness, and quickly builds to full opacity after 2-3 coats.
  • Drying Time: Average or perhaps a shade faster  for a decent Big-3-Free lacquer currently on the market.
  • Finish: Dries to a high gloss. Personally, I nearly always use a fast-dry top coat (cuz I'm an klutz and tend to wreck my manis no matter how careful I try to be, otherwise!) but if you're the coordinated type you could probably get away without using one!
Finger Paints is exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply and can be purchased at Sally's physical locations or via their website HERE. If you haven't tried Finger Paints yet, I'd encourage you to give them a whirl as they have some really fun colors and are pretty affordable, too - SCORE!!! :)

* The product(s) in this post were purchased by me.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sephora by OPI - A True Romantic & Techno Girl

Click to view larger
Sephora by OPI A True Romantic

Click to view larger
Sephora by OPI A True Romantic

Click to view larger
Sephora by OPI Techno Girl

Click to view larger
Sephora by OPI Techno Girl

Click to view larger
Sephora by OPI Techno Girl

Click to view larger
Sephora by OPI Techno Girl

Today I have 2 colors from Sephora by OPI for you. First up is A True Romantic. Sephora's website describes this as a "sheer cool light pink". I can testify that it is indeed sheer - the photos above show an incredibly lumpy FIVE coats on my nails!!! The problem is with the formula; while the shade may be sheer, it's horribly, horribly streaky! There is no way to apply 1-2 coats evenly! I was absolutely PLAGUED by brush drag and bald patches! The formula was a thick, sticky, goopy nightmare! Moving on to better things...

The second color, Techno Girl, applied very nicely. Full opacity in 2 easy coats (*sigh of relief*)!!! My only gripe is with Sephora's description of this color. On their website it's described as an "opaque vivid azalea" but there's nothing vivid about it! It's a mid-toned dusty rose crème. And I guess I have another complaint, the name. Techno Girl??? Huh? What's "techno" about this color? I don't get it! I'm a geek by choice and by training and this color doesn't say anything "techno" to me... Oh well, I just know that Techno Girl was slick to apply and wore very well. :) Not a terribly exciting color, maybe, but well-behaved, at least!

TTFN!!! Thanks for reading! :)

*Products in this review were received as a gift from a personal friend or family member.
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